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Persian Silk Rugs

Persian Silk Rugs

You may find lots of Persian silk rugs, which may misguide you with their weaving patterns, whether its machine made or handmade. Also one has to be very cautious that what they are paying is for real silk rugs or fake or say artificial silk rugs.Persian silk rugs are those rugs which has been weaved with the weaving technique of Persia or say iran, and that too by hand. Its not that a machine made rugs are being weaved in Persia and are Persian silk rugs.Persian silk rugs such as Tabriz, Kashan, Isfahan, Qum silk rugs, are the names of the designs being originated from iran. In india we manufacture these and many other kinds and due to adaption of weaving pattern we name these as indo-persian silk rugs.

To define in simple terms, Persian Silk Rugs are the ones, which are made in silk in many parts of Persia or Say iran. In ancient times these were weaved only in Persia, so popularly knows as Persian Silk rugs, because the origin was Persia. The prices of these Rugs were very high, not because these were expensive but because these were being charged and sold at very high rates.

In order to made available these kind of Persian silk rugs amongst many of them, we have been told that team from India visited Persia to see how these rugs are being manufactured, and with the great knowledge of team of skilled weavers of india, they learnt the technique very easily and have started manufacturing these kind of rugs in India too, and being selling as INDO-PERSIAN RUGS because the technique of weaving is of Persia.Thes were also being made in wool, in silk, also both mix.

After this we have been selling this to other parts of the world,  in very good prices. With the passing of time, these were also got made in different knots, showing the density of the carpets as per the requirement of the designs. Some of them who cannot afford, these kinds were also being offered similar looks in lower knots.

Custom Persian Silk rugs was the other steps taken by us, where we were making single single rugs in the client designs, and colours, and even in their odd sizes, naming them as PERSONALISED RUGS.

Silk was always very important part of the carpets, but with change of fashion and taste, these days motifs in silk with ground in wool are more in demand, in all types of traditional or contemporary designs.