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Handmade Silk Rugs

Handmade Silk Rugs

Handmade silk carpets are mainly the ones which are manufactured by hand. This cover hand-knotted, hand-tufted and hand-woven. The silk carpets are distinguished by its richness, exquisite coloring, and rare sheen. We also Accept Custom Order, just send us the details and we will get back to you.

Why are we so excited for silk rugs which are handmade? Have you ever had a thought to this?

We all wish to have something we can have as best value for money, and at the same time something which is also best in most of the manner. Here we are not to show that machine made carpets are not good and only handmade, but at the same time we are here to discuss  as to why one should go with the handmade silk rugs…

  1.  These are made in cottage industries, by skilled craftsmen, so buying these will be directly and indirectly help to them. Once you buy part of the money goes to them too.
  2. These are authentic.
  3. These are durable
  4. These are real value for the money
  5. Any size weaving is possible.

he best part in addition to above is that even if you need A SINGLE handmade silk rugs, in your custom sizes or designs, the same can be made.

There are many traders and many factories in many parts of the world, also in many part of India, but every part has their specialization. The best part in India, and that too in our region, is that we can produce any pattern of weave and any rugs you need.

We, being manufacturers of handmade carpets and rugs in silk and other yarn, produce silk and other handmade rugs, in India.